Fund Raiser

On Saturday, March 30th, 2019, from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM,  join us for our fundraiser at the Kirkland Anthony's Homeport's banquet room. The Amneris, our 80' sailboat will be on display at the 2nd Avenue Dock. Click here for more details.

New Video

Watch the fun we had on our August 25, 2018 sailing. Our sailings are very rewarding for both guests and volunteers. Please join us!

Join Us

Gratitude Sailing NW, a Kirkland-based nonprofit organization, provides a healing respite for those under extreme stress from illness, incapacity and/or a major life event.  If you are interested in helping out at Gratitude Sailing, please email us at for more information!

Our Mission

Gratitude Sailing is a State of Wash. non-profit corporation that shall promote the social and spiritual wellness of clients burdened with ‘ongoing” or “once in a lifetime” crisis of a physical, mental, or social nature by temporarily immersing them in a novel and challenging environment.

Urgent Projects

At this time of year one of the major expenses Gratitude Sailing incurs that needs funding is moorage.  Your donation will help cover this cost so please donate now!

Our Message

Gratitude Sailing, a Kirkland-based 501c3 nonprofit organization, was formed to use the challenge of sailing to help people unburden themselves from a  physical, mental or social crisis. The healing properties of the nautical environment promote the well-being of our clients.  Some our outings will be for a few hours and some extended voyages throughout Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. 

“We know Heeling is Healing, and we are committed to serving those that sailing can help,” says Stephen Lamson, who founded the group three years ago.  “All monies raised will fund our operations, moorage, insurance, fuel and the like.  We do not charge for our services to the public.  We rely on funding by our donors, angels and fundraisers like our recent auction at the Seattle Yacht Club. We invite you to invest in our novel and exciting work.

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We Need Your Help...

All of our sailings are provided free of charge. It is through the generosity of both corporate and individual doners that this is made possible. Donations of any size all us to continue to expand our services as our demand increases - right here in our own community.